Our ambition for the town centre is "to become a dynamic sustainable business growth hub with a bold and vibrant community heart for Crawley and the Gatwick Diamond. This will drive a diverse retail and leisure offer, excellent public realm, high-quality town centre living and a thriving evening economy."

We aim to achieve this by:

  • Investing in revitalised public realm, highways and infrastructure
  • Bringing forward key town centre opportunity sites
  • Creating the conditions for new high-grade business space
  • Developing town centre neighbourhood amenities
  • Governance, engagement and co-ordination
  • Marketing, branding and inward investment
  • Complementary policy

At the heart of this programme is our work with stakeholders, ensuring everyone sees the benefit of a regenerated Crawley town centre. Crawley Borough Council and partners are committed to embracing the sustainable regeneration of the town centre as a prime retail, leisure, business and residential location.