Published: 04 August 2023

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Crawley Borough Council is improving energy efficiency in its housing stock through a ‘fabric first’ approach thanks to £4m from the Towns Fund.

Work is currently proposed to flats with cavity walls that have no insulation or existing insulation that is in poor condition.

This method of insulation is not possible for timber-frame or solid wall blocks of flats and the council will be looking at alternative designs for flats of this construction.

Up to the end of July 2023, 58 blocks of flats have had cavity wall insulation installed. A total of 352 flats are now more thermally efficient, helping to reduce energy use and cutting bills for residents. Warmer homes also help to reduce condensation that could lead to damp and mould.

Thermal images of the properties before and after the work clearly shows the reduction of heat escaping from exterior walls.

Insulating homes will also reduce carbon emissions and help to achieve the council’s target to reach net zero by 2040. It’s estimated that by the end of the programme in March 2026, a total of 1,511 flats will benefit from better insulation and lower bills and save a total of 902 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Around 40 per cent of tenants are likely to experience fuel poverty. Uninsulated properties allow heat to leak out through the walls. This can result in up to 35 per cent of all heat lost from a building.

Adding insulation to a block of flats improves the EPC rating and allows residents to heat their homes with less energy.

Improving the EPC rating will also make the properties easier for leaseholders to sell in the future. All private landlords renting their flats will need to achieve EPC C on new tenancies by 2025 and 2028 on all existing tenancies and measures such as cavity wall insulation help to achieve this.

This latest Towns Fund project is making a real difference to tenants’ lives and is another step towards us achieving net zero.

Councillor Atif Nawaz

Cabinet member for Planning and Economic Development

Crawley Borough Council

The Towns Fund money is allowing us to upgrade our housing stock and improve the health and wellbeing of tenants. The fabric first approach creates the basis for any future work on retrofitting newer, sustainable energy sources.

Councillor Bob Noyce

Cabinet Member for Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change

Crawley Borough Council

The Towns Fund, from the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, is supporting a number of projects in Crawley.

The projects will help boost job creation, business growth and economic recovery; develop skills, innovation and sustainability; and enhance art and culture amenities for businesses and residents.

For more information, visit our Towns Fund page.

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