The client was referred to Employ Crawley by the job centre work coach for some help with preparing for future interviews.

What we did at Employ Crawley

The client already had a good quality CV and had previous work experience in customer service. We identified that the best way Employ Crawley could do to support the client was to talk through how an interview works in order to teach them how to best prepare for this.

Employ Crawley spoke on the telephone, and walked through an interview, giving various examples of questions that often come up, as well as explaining the Situation, Task, Action and Result (STAR) method for how to answer a question effectively. The adviser got the client to come up with some answers to the questions and helped the client to expand the answers to paint a fuller picture of themselves to the employer.

How Employ Crawley helped

After speaking with the client and running through interview questions and preparation advice, the client was able to prepare effectively for a Cabin Crew role with EasyJet.

Following on from this preparation, the client did really well in the interview and actually gained the position of Cabin Crew.

How did our client review their experience with Employ Crawley

Whilst speaking with the client after the interview the client said that she feels the reason she did so well in her interview was because of the help that Employ Crawley provided to her when preparing for her interview.

The client said that they would refer friends to Employ Crawley in the future if they need support with employment skills as they benefited tremendously from the support provided.