The client had been out of work for the last 20 years due to raising two children, one of which had learning difficulties and autism. As the client's children were now growing up and the client no longer needed to be available for them as much, the client wished to get a job and re-join the work force.

What we did at Employ Crawley

When the client came in, Employ Crawley discussed the client's previous experience, a detailed account of previous positions and what companies they were for. Employ Crawley discussed the client’s relevant experience and decided that because of the dealings with their daughter, they would be adept at working in an environment with young people that had autism and learning difficulties. Employ Crawley suggested looking at local colleges that specialise in this, a local special needs school was found and a role for a Support Worker was applied for.

How Employ Crawley helped

Employ Crawley helped the client by creating a modern and informative Curriculum Vitae, highlighting the client's formal and personal life experience. The client was notably unsure and nervous about returning to the work force, so potential interview questions were discussed, providing insight into what the client needed to focus on and say. By focusing on interview skills, we were able to make the client feel far more confident then the client had been prior to her engagement with Employ Crawley.

How our client reviewed their experience with Employ Crawley

Thank you to Joseph he found me a job that I love.