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Town Centre Partnership

Crawley Town Centre Partnership was established to improve the town centre environment, its ambiance and services to existing and prospective businesses and customers in support of the town's ambition to establish Crawley as a first choice regional centre.

We aim to achieve this by:

  • Acting as a voice for the town centre, working with existing service providers to develop solutions to issues as they arise and striving for continuous improvement.
  • Influencing and shaping longer term developments in the town through involvement in strategies and development management.
  • Proactively seeking opportunities to raise the profile and image of the town centre.
  • Attracting inward investment and levering in resources to deliver improvements and projects.
  • Supporting the coordination and delivery, where appropriate, of town centre events and activities.

Our core focus is the town centre footprint.

There is a huge amount to do and so much potential in the town. It can’t be done by a few and to be successful, we need the support of every business in the town centre.

This does not mean a membership fee; instead we want your time, enthusiasm and commitment.

Crawley Borough Council is working closely with the Town Centre Partnership to deliver the Town Centre Regeneration Programme. Keep checking this website for details.

K2 Crawley
Crawley high street
Queens Square Artist Impression