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Crowdfund Crawley

Crowdfund Crawley gives local people a platform to raise funds for community projects and make a difference to their town.

Crawley Borough Council has teamed up with Spacehive to provide a dedicated online home for Crawley Community Projects looking to raise funds. Crawley’s Spacehive platform will enable organisations to raise awareness and support for their project, also giving them the opportunity to unlock grants and other funds.

Crawley Borough Council will be using money collected through charges against new development to create the Neighbourhood Improvement Fund.

Neighbourhood Improvement Fund

Project organisers can pitch to the Neighbourhood Improvement Fund through the Spacehive site and be considered for a pledge, provided their idea benefits the residents of Crawley by improving the local environment, community services or facilities which are sometimes affected by development. The council may pledge up to 50 per cent of the total project target, capped at £5,000.

To be considered for Crawley Borough Council funding you must first raise at least 25% of your project costs via the site. The decision to make a pledge is at the discretion of the council. The decision will be influenced by the interest the projects generates from the “Crowd” and the extent to which it benefits the people of Crawley.

Extra Funding

There is £700k worth of funding available from other Spacehive partners for projects in Crawley which can be accessed by projects running campaigns. You will need to pitch to these funders when you create your page.

We would encourage project organisers to pitch to all funds that they are eligible for, just double check the funds for any restrictions.

Click for more information about the wider funds available.