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Case Study

Previous Occupation


New occupation or training course

Customer Assistant at Robert Dyas

How did you hear about this service?

I popped into Crawley Library and saw the adverts for the service, so I went up to The Hub to see what it was about and met Julie straight away.

What made you decide to use us, is there anything specific that you needed help with?

I needed help with a mixture of things, such as finding a job in the hospitality sector, interview skills, and updating my CV. I also needed help finding a job to suit my age, which Julie was really supportive of.

What were your first impressions?

I remember Julie's smile and how nice and welcoming she was because I wasn’t sure who I needed to speak to, but she came to my aid straight away!

What did you think of the service you received? Was there a particular part of the service that you liked specifically? If so, what?

It was excellent, Julie really made me feel really at ease throughout the whole process. She went through a number of employment options, such as apprenticeships and training opportunities and once she knew I wanted a job in the hospitality sector, she focused on that and gave me lots of advice and help.

Would you recommend the service to others looking for help? If so, why?

Yes, definitely and I have already recommended the service to family and friends who are looking to get back in work.