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Case Study

Previous Occupation


New occupation or training course

One Destination GAL Course

How did you hear about this service?

My brother told me about it after seeing posters and information on a website, so suggested I go for it and see how they could help.

What made you decide to use us, is there anything specific that you needed help with?

I'd been with an agency for about a year and not been given any work, so thought I would give Employ Crawley a try. I needed some help finding the right job and improving my CV which Julie was really helpful with.

What were your first impressions?

I was quite happy and excited because I knew I was going to get something out of this experience.

What did you think of the service you received? Was there a particular part of the service that you liked specifically? If so, what?

Julie was great, on my first visit, she mentioned vacancies at Gatwick Airport which really appealed to me and me and my lifestyle due to the proximity and the good pay.Julie was also very supportive and offered help no matter how big or small the query was.

Would you recommend the service to others looking for help? If so, why?

Yes, definitely, 100 per cent, the service is fantastic and brilliant.