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Growing Crawley’s international footprint

29 May 2019

The Company Connector, Jeremy Taylor, recently spent time in Austin, Texas discussing the opportunities for trade and expertise between Crawley and the popular American town.

The trip was part-funded by a Crawley Borough Council Small Business Grant with some further financial support from Crawley College. Texas has a very large economy; if it were a country it would be 10th in the world. It is HQ to hundreds of businesses, and Austin, the state capital, attracts an eclectic mix of people and businesses including Amazon, Google and, most recently with a planned $1bn investment, Apple.

It’s also got great nightlife with over 250 live music venues and, in one neighbourhood, the highest concentration of bars per capita anywhere in the US – one for every 67 people. And that population is rising rapidly with around 120 people moving to Austin every day – making it a strong growing market.

There really is no substitute for meeting people that you want to do business with, and I’ve found that business people in most destinations are happy to meet up, if you’ve made the effort to get there. And Texas hospitality means that they are especially welcoming and open to discussions. My first call was to the Austin Chamber of Commerce. Walter Zaykowski responded positively and, as well as meeting to discuss the trip, we established the Chamber as a first port of call for any business looking to go to Austin. He will also think of me as and when any of his members look to explore the UK and beyond.

Jeremy Taylor

The Company Connector